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                       Markus Eichenberger, clarinet
Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
Etienne Nillesen, prepared snare drum + cymbal
Philip Zoubek, synthesizer

4 musicians − 4 generations − 4 countries − 4 instruments

Werckmeister is based on a long-term cooperation between Markus Eichenberger and
Carl Ludwig Hübsch, who met for the first time musically and personally at the
Human Noise Congress in Wiesbaden in 1994. Since then, they have collaborated
time and time again on projects such as Eichenberger's Domino Orchestra or Hübsch's Ensemble X.

In March 2016, they formed Werckmeister together with Philip Zoubek − a versatile young pianist with
a keen ear for music − who will be performing here for the first time
on the electronic synthesizer, and with the promising percussionist Etienne Nillesen, whose
playing technique is more tonal than rhythmical.

The types of instruments in the quartet could hardly be more varied.
Yet when played in harmony, the differences fade into the background
and distinctively tonal, sensitive music surfaces. It opens listeners' ears to the unusual
variety of tuning systems, known as temperaments, in improvised music.

The name Werckmeister refers to the musician and music theorist Andreas Werckmeister,
who published his book "Musicalische Temperatur" (Musical Temperament) in 1691,
thereby paving the way to a new tuning system for instruments.

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